Empirefxm Review

This review reveals that EmpiresX, a fraudulent investment platform, is designed to collapse and make your money disappear.

What is EmpiresX?

Empires X, an online investment platform, is available. It allows you to invest in real estate and other non-specified investments.

The trading robot that trades Nasdaq is the main draw. It will allegedly give you a return of up to 1% per day on your investment.

A generous affiliate program can also help you earn additional revenue at 20 levels. A portion of the money you make will be returned to you.

The EXB robot is $400 per year. This is the initial investment required to become an investor. Your minimum investment to become an affiliate is $200.

But, is EmpiresX a legitimate investment?

EmpiresX scam

EmpiresX is a fraud. It will only run for a short time, then vanish with all the money. We will explain why in this review.

The basics

In almost all our scam reviews, we have to reiterate: If you see a trading robot anonymously promising to make you 1% daily in the financial markets, it is likely a scam. It’s that easy.

This is due to the fact that financial markets are unpredictable and prices for different assets may not always move in the same direction or with the same magnitude. An experienced trader will tell any investor that it is impossible to earn a steady return every day on financial markets. This is a fact you must accept.

Financial trading is a game that involves probabilities and risk management. You can win and lose. The goal is to increase your profits more than your losses. This is a difficult task that most people fail to accomplish.

You will receive proofs of their performance. There will also be mandatory regulatory information. EmpiresX does not provide any evidence to support their claims.

Illegal and anonymous

Empires X provides investment services. We have already discussed in this review that Empires X also offers non-specific investing, such as real estate investing.

Most countries regulate these activities. EmpiresX must obtain authorizations from the financial regulators of every country where they wish to have investors/members.

Is EmpiresX being regulated according to the law? It is not. It is actually completely anonymous. Their website only contains an e-mail address as contact information. It doesn’t seem very trustworthy, doesn’t it?

EmpiresX’s leaders are hiding behind the law and not being regulated. This tells us a lot. This is a scam you should avoid.

How EmpiresX works

EmpiresX is clearly a pyramid scheme and Ponzi scam. This type of scam scheme is always doomed to fail.

Because money is moved from older to younger members, it is inevitable. Empires X can stop paying if it wants to. Then, the money will vanish quickly.

EmpiresX has made all payments in cryptocurrency like bitcoin. This means that nobody can get their money back or trace the fraudsters who took it.

EmpiresX review – Conclusion

EmpiresX is an anonymous Ponzi scheme and a fraud that is about to go bust. It’s only a matter time so avoid it to save your money.

You can try legitimate investing by opening a demo account at a regulated firm. Virtual money will allow you to test everything.

If you decide to later invest real money, make sure you understand the risks.

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