Evolution Media Music Review

Evolution Media Music Introduction

Evolution Media Music was established in 2006 by Jay Faires and David Kreizman, two industry veterans. EMM was founded with the mission of creating an environment that encourages creativity and is friendly to artists. EMM has represented some of the most prominent names in music such as Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. EMM is also responsible for the production of many top-class artists.

What is Evolution Media Music?

Evolution Media Music is both a music publishing and production company. Our team is made up of passionate and experienced professionals who enjoy working with both established and new artists. We offer a variety of services including music production, songwriting and artist development.

What is Evolution Media Music?

Evolution Media Music, an online music company, offers artists a unique and innovative method to distribute their music. They provide a range of services including marketing, distribution, and promotion. Their team includes experts who are committed to artists’ success. Evolution Media Music is dedicated to helping artists reach new audiences, and growing their fan base. They have a track record of success and are committed to providing the best service possible.

Evolution Media Music Vision

Evolution Media Music is determined to be the best music company in the country. They are committed to creating a place where artists can flourish and create great music.

I’m a Composer. How can I submit music to EMM?

Refer to Submissions, Contracts, and General Composer Questions.

I’m a client. Where can I find their music and license it?

Evolution Media music is available to audition and license on our global Sub-Publishers websites and the Harvest Media Player. For links specific to your country, see Contact Page BMG is the representative of BMG in the USA and UK.

I’m a client. Can I have custom/bespoke music?

Sure, drop us a line at [email protected], they’re very interested to hear what you are looking for.

How many production albums do you own?

Evolution Media Music currently has 210 albums, and this number is increasing. You can listen to them here:

How many albums are you planning to release?

What length is a string …?? EMM currently produces 8 albums per month.

What genres or styles do you publish?

A wide range of music to suit any production. Orchestral, synthetic, pop, rock, hybrid, atmospheric, piano based, etc. You get the idea. Listen to the audio and decide for yourself.

Where is Evolution Media Music Base (Office Branch),?

They have their headquarters in London and Manchester, United Kingdom.

Who Are They?

Tolga (David), Jenny, Sami and Peter are a small group of UK-based composers. We also have a lot of industry experience.

Whom should I contact?

You can contact Emm Officials via [email protected] for all non-submission enquiries and [email protected] for all submission-based ones.

What sets Evolution Media Music apart from other production music libraries,

They believe they can achieve great results by working closely and in a language they know, as well as making their composers feel like a part of the team. They aim to improve the quality of production music, which is often released in large quantities. They believe collaboration and expertise can produce music that is both high-quality and profitable.

What’s Harvest Media?

Harvest Media allows users to upload all their catalogs online and distribute them to their Sub-Publishers around the world.

Where is the music published? Who are your sub-publishers?

For more information on the distribution network and links to our representations in other countries, please visit the Contact Page .

Through their in-house music search platforms, their music is also available to BBC, ITV, and Channel 5 program-makers.

Although I am not a musician, I would like to collaborate with you.

We are excited to hear from you. Please email [email protected] with your inquiry.

I am a mastering engineer, graphic artist, and mixer. Can I work with you?

Yes, you can. Send us examples of your work. We will look into possible collaborations.

I have not received a response yet…

Did you send your email to the correct address We will respond promptly if you have. However, due to our large workload, we must prioritize emails based on urgency. Thank you for your patience. We may not be available to answer every inquiry.

Submissions and Contracts

Can I submit music?

Yes, we would love to hear about your work. However, not everyone has the time or resources to reply.

Crowdsourcing allows us to open up a brief online for submissions. Anybody can submit as many tracks they want, as long as they follow the brief. This is the best way to find new talent and give composers a market route for their music. These briefs are advertised all over: on job boards, Twitter, our website and through our bulletins.

Direct commissioning means that we approach composers directly from our current roster. These briefs are kept within a small number of composers to play to their strengths. Composers can build a relationship with us by first contacting Music Gateway or crowd source. This will allow them to access future briefs.

How does Evolution Media Music’s submission/revision process work?

You can send us a link to a cloud storage service (Dropbox, Box.com, etc.) along with your brief track. Or, use Music Gateway to upload music to the platform if you have a brief. One or more members of our production team will examine it once it is submitted. If they think it is suitable for an album, they will contact the producer to let you know and possibly ask you to make some changes. We work together during this revision process to make your track sound as strong as possible, using rounds of email feedback. Although it may seem like a difficult process, unlike many A&R departments at libraries, we don’t reject tracks that have great potential, but are not ready to be released. Instead, we invest time and effort in developing them with composers in an environment of mutual growth and benefit. It’s in everyone’s best interest to make the track sound great and secure good usage.

Do you have to pay a submission fee?


Where can you view your briefs

Check them out

Please let me know if your track was accepted or rejected.

If we accept your submission, we will get back to you as soon as possible. It is important to allow ample time for a reply before you chase it up. We may not be able to notify composers about unsuccessful submissions due to time constraints.

I’m not from the UK. Can I still submit?


What should I do before I submit?

Before submitting, we ask that composers read through the briefs. Send us only Orchestral briefs. We don’t accept pop and rock songs! It happens more often than you think. Make sure you read our submission guidance before you send us your briefs.

Evolution will accept and release all tracks after any development. The writer must be a member of a PRO (performing right organisation) to receive a payment when the track is broadcast or licensed. Please do not submit music to Evolution unless you are either a PRO member or have applied for one.

I have tons of great music that isn’t being used – could you please share it?

If you submit music for an album, please send the streaming links. Send us tracks that are suitable for our current brief.

In what format should I send my music?

Send your track in a shareable cloud storage link (Dropbox, Box.com) and in a high-quality audio format for revisions or submissions. Please do not attach files.

Final deliveries are made with 48KHz 24-bit wavs. We will require you to provide 60, 30, sting, and underscore versions.

What’s a license?

Producers, filmmakers, advertisers, and others who wish to use a production track in their radio or TV shows, films, ads, etc., must purchase a license. The fee for a license can vary depending on the use – it could be for a small client or a large advertising campaign. The ratecard contains all the details and breaks.

Are these exclusive or non-exclusive contracts?

We are exclusive track-by-track. We are exclusive. Don’t submit tracks you’ve already used. Once a track has been signed and published with us don’t reuse it elsewhere.

Although composers are free to collaborate with other labels or libraries on works, Evolution publications must be used exclusively.

Can you please tell me when my music has been licensed?

It is impossible to keep track on every music use. We monitor UK and European television channels. If we see a notable placement, we will inform the composer. Any big syncs will be promoted on our “music use” page. The only way to know if your music was licensed is to get paid. You can either get paid directly through our automated payments or via your PRS statement ( view payment schedule).

Can you help me understand my contract?

While we can address the major points, it is recommended that you seek independent legal advice if you are unsure.

What happens if I send in some music but don’t get a response?

We all have experienced rejection in this industry. It shouldn’t be a detriment. Due to time constraints, we cannot give personalized feedback or respond to submissions that fail. However, here are some common reasons why we may not choose to develop a track.

Often, we hear musical ideas that show great potential, but the production is clearly not going to reach a commercially-releasable standard quickly enough – or vice versa: fantastic production but no great ideas. Sometimes, we like a track musically and sonically but it’s not concise enough or doesn’t fit well with the rest of the tracks on the album.

It’s best to let it go. You can then evaluate the reasons it was rejected and not let that stop you from submitting tracks in the future.

I have been using my track for years, so why is itn’t making money?

There may be a variety of reasons for this. First, it could be that the item has not been used. This is something neither of us wants to hear. Although it is not a guarantee that income will be earned, being released does not mean that you are guaranteed of it. It could also be that the PRS or the MCPS has not yet distributed the next distribution to cover the usage period, or PRS have been waiting for the cue sheet from the client to notify them. Although we use many methods to track usage, it can sometimes take some time for them to come through. It can take a while for royalties to start arriving. Production music is not a sprint. Evolution and our global subpublishers will do everything possible to promote your music.


PRS/MCPS payment schedule

Your feedback is not what I want, so how can we move forward?

That’s fine. When striving to be the best creative version of yourself, decisions can’t always be made in a linear fashion. There is sometimes a healthy dose of pressure. Music is subjective. We all have different reactions. However, we ask that you trust the collective experience of the team, both commercially and musically, to help shape the tracks in a way that is most appealing for TV productions. We only give you feedback to ensure the best possible outcome.

What’s a cutdown?

A cutdown is an alternate length version of your full-length track. These alternate versions are included with an album: The Underscore, a 30 second, 60 second, and the Sting. These are not important unless you have a contract. However, well-formed and impactful 30s or 60s have great utility appeal as ready-made solutions for TV and commercial promo editors.

HTML0? HTML0 _____ ______

You can find us all over the country. We also have distribution in Japan and Australia. You could use your track on any type of show, from a Mexican soap to a Singaporean game program. TV, Film, Ads, Video Games, Idents, Trailers, Promos – you name it!

How can I make money?

Two ways are royalty payments to writers generated. You can get the first by having your music licensed (mechanical), or your music being broadcast or performed (performance).

To be paid, you must be a member or a PRO (performing right organisation such as PRS in the UK).

This will give you a good overview:


How can I get paid?

There are two main ways to pay. Directly from PRS (4 annual distributions: April, July and October) – or via our mechanical distribution, which occurs half-yearly (March, September).

What is the difference between Performance and Mechanical income?

A performance royalty is money that is earned every time a piece is performed publically. You could hear it on the radio or in a TV commercial. Your PRO collects this money and pays it directly to you. This is why you need to be a member to make any earnings.

A mechanical royalty is money that is earned when a piece or licence of music is sold.

Why am I required to become a member?

To receive royalties, you must be a member a PRO (performer’s rights organization). There are many PROs across the world, including:

  • Australia – APRA
  • Germany – GEMA
  • Italy – SIAE
  • Japan – JASRAC
  • Spain – SGAE
  • UK – PRS

Online search should allow you to locate the PRO for your country.

Do I have to register my Evolution tracks with my PRO?

No. No. If you have co-writers, you will need to provide us with the splits you agree on, as well as the names, PROs, CAE/IPI numbers, and full names of each writer. Then, you can relax and enjoy your track!

What are your standard terms for deals/splits?

You can find a copy of our standard contract here: Evolution Media Music Contract


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