Hiland 26 inch Mountain Bike Review

Product Description

  • If you enter your model number, you will be able to make sure that it fits.
  • No need to be concerned about the valves: Hiland had changed the valve to an American standard, one from Schrader (A.
  • Durable Frame DURABLE FRAME: 24/26*1 Hiland steel frame 24-26*1 Hiland steel frame 24-26-1 Hiland steel frame 24-26-inch Hil ZOOM suspension forks from Taiwan 95 Kenda tires disc brakes. Life-time GUARANTEE of the frame.
  • DRIVETRAIN Shimano 3-speed forward derailleur as well as Shimano’s 6 speed rear derailleur. It makes it much easier to pedal up an uphill.
  • Free KICKSTAND and PEDALS: 85 Pre-assembled to a %, comes with basic assembly toolsand is simple to assemble. Included are an unrestricted kickstand and pedals. Hiland designed an custom kickstand that’s both appealing and practical, removing the need to buy additional kickstands.
  • For 5’5″ person the distance of around 26 inches will be the ideal length.

Questions and Answers

What is the weight limit on this bicycle?

The maximum weight that can be allowed can be 300 pounds. It is important to note that this weight restriction can be dependent on the type of riding, the proper assembly, bicycle maintenance and the inflation of tires.

Are there double or a single wall between the rims?

Rims protected by two layers

Do you have a guide for assembly with it?

It definitely did according to me. This was something that I created for my son quite a time back. It’s extremely simple to build and I was able to complete the task without the help of the manual.

How do tires get inflated?

The one we received arrived with a huge quantity of air inside. If you’re looking to fill the tanks, I’m sure you could purchase an electric pump and do it yourself.

Selected User Reviews for Hiland 26 Inch Mountain Bicycle All-Suspension Full-Suspension Full-Suspension Drive

Review 1

It’s a great price for street and trail riding. I’m 5’3″ so I could have gotten the 24″ but it’s 26″ is perfect as we’ve owned bikes of this price range before. I found the handlebars to be too high in relation to the height of my. For $7, I bought an adapter that was worth every penny. You can alter the bar’s height in Huffy as well as Mongoose without the use of an riser, however since it’s a threadless system it is only able to be adjusted by a small amount. Like other seats at this price it’s not worth the weight. The memory foam gel seat was also included. A few comments made me believe that the valves were presta, but I’m not certain whether this was stated on the website description. Dunloop is the name used by the manufacturer of the valves. Making them Schrader valves won’t work using Presta adapters. I spent about $20 on an hand pump. A presta air compressor could work, but I’m just not certain. The tires were not properly inflated at the time I arrived, however with a blow-gun I was able inject air into the tube. It wasn’t at the right pressure but enough to test the system and put it in place until the compressor arrived. Dual suspension may be adequate, but I would like that there was a way to alter it. I was unable to discover anything from the guide. Hand grips can be slightly rough on hands, but they give a good grip. It’s not a problem for me as I use gloves with padding. The gears appear more powerful and faster than the other bikes with 21 speeds.

Review 2

It is excellent condition and of excellent quality. However, there are a few things to be aware of prior to making a purchase:

1) There is no front brake; there is a brake thing near the handle, but it isn’t connected to the front wheel in any way. It is necessary to purchase an additional brake to connect on the rear wheel, and make holes in it and then align the brake yourself. Be careful not to ride your bike with the brakes on; if you pedal the bike at a high speed or speedy downhill, you’ll lose control and crash.

2). Normal pumps are not compatible with the nozzle included with the bike. Therefore, you’ll need to purchase an extension nozzle separately in order to pump air.

3). If you’re riding very fast, the handle is inclined downwards; you’ll have to purchase a drill to secure it properly.

4.) Screwdrivers aren’t going to make it. The only thing you need is to buy a different Star screw head that extends the side stand as it’s going to loosen up with time and cause the bike to tip over when you attempt to put it on a stand. Overall, this is an excellent bike, however it does have some significant shortcomings. At the moment this is all I’ve got. If I find something else, I’ll add it here.

Review 3

I wouldn’t have bought an item with stems that are special in the event that the description didn’t indicate which adapter is needed to add air into the tires. This is something that Amazon needs to correct. 2. I’ll return the bike in the event that I’m unable to fix it. I’m unable to ride the bike without air to determine whether I’m required returning it, or change the brake disk since it’s bent! I must clean UPS packages prior to getting them in the house since they are dirty when they arrive. I’ve been searching for air stems to fill my tires for a while and am in dire need of help!.

Review 4

It’s a great bike that’s worth the price, is easy to build and will last for years. I’ve owned several bikes previously however this is the most comfortable and best. It also is distinct when compared with the bike my wife has, that is a bit more expensive, but nearly the same in cost. Excellent customer service. A one-year warranty is provided. I experienced problems with my right crank (I thought I had not tightened the pedal in the correct way, so while I was riding it was a bit too hard and the pressure of the pedal caused damage to the threads inside the crank’s hole, however I’m not sure if it actually damaged the crank or if the issue was something other) They were quick to resolve the issue and then order an entirely new set of cranks from Amazon. After nearly two months of biking for a few hours daily, I’m very pleased with my purchase and recommend it. It’s a decent bike, particularly when compared to other bikes within the same price bracket.

Review 5

In the middle of July I bought this bicycle. I’m not a great cyclist however, I had hoped to get started with cycling together with family. My wheels are been bent, and my gears do not change into the appropriate gear for less than two months of usage. I’ve only used the bike in my personal backyard and on smooth streets without any tricks or strange terrain. In light of the price I paid for it I’m very dissatisfied with the bike. It’s similar to the Walmart bicycle in performance.

Review 6

It’s a well-built bike however it was not equipped with instructions for assembly. There was no instruction for changing the brakes, specifically that front disc brake. I made a complaint to Amazon and the answer was “will be glad to assist whenever you call our customer service,” but they didn’t give any contact details.

Review 7

I purchased new wheels, pedals and forks to go with the seat that I bought. The pedals are serviceable , but they won’t last long as the wheels are not durable while the front one is bent from the box (it can be used, but not the best) as well as the forks are designed to be used on a different type of bike, yet they were still used. I gave this three stars as I knew the basics of what I was getting when I made the purchase. Since they made too many cuts when they made this bike I purchased it with the intent of making it more modern. If you’re looking for a bike that is great straight out of the box This isn’t the bike for you. If you’re looking to find a way improve your performance, then this seems to be a feasible alternative. Once I have received new parts I’ll make sure to update this review. To make them accountable, I could send a letter to customer service concerning the front wheel.

Review 8

It was easy to put together after it was completed. Now is the time to tune the brakes as well as the gears. One of only the gears in the font is available. If I try to switch one gear, my chain gets stuck. I’d like to have more efficient service.

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