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Nuzzle Pillow Reviews | Review

What is the Nuzzle Pillow?

It’s an NASA inspired pillow which claims to offer zero-gravity Support. The Nuzzle Pillow boasts many thousands Nano-Coil fibers. Nano-coil fibers are believed to are able to push against gravity at a microscopic level to support your neck gently and to gently cradle your neck. The company that makes the Nuzzle Pillow states that the pillow’s Nano-coil fibers provides the sensation of weightlessness. The term “NUZZLE” signifies pushing lightly against something. In this case, it’s used to highlight the capacity of the pillow that allows it to press back.

Nuzzle Pillow Reviews | Review

The Nuzzle is said as the one pillow to have two layers of inner adjustment, the layers adjust to your sleep position, giving you personalized support. Are you awake each day suffering from neck pain? do you get up early and then attempt to repair your pillow to ensure that you can sleep for longer? If so, you’ll need this Nuzzle Pillow.

The Nuzzle is a great option for stomach sleepers. The slim outer layer offers stomach sleepers with just the right level of support and softness.

Nuzzle for back sleepers The middle layer helps maintain straight spine alignment.

A Nuzzle to support Side Sleepers The Slim layer as well as the medium layer work together to give the best support.

The company that makes the Nuzzle pillows claims it will relieve you of neck pain that is caused by the wrong neck and head position. The Nuzzle promises to help support your neck, head and back! It has Soft medium and firm supports within one pillow. Official website states the Nuzzle Pillow has been thoroughly tested under Laboratory conditions. The tests included dropping heavy weights onto Nuzzle Pillow to test its durability. Nuzzle Pillow to show its ability to hold the shape. According to the claim Nuzzle Pillows are able to hold their shape for a long time. Nuzzle Pillow will hold its shape for more than 1000+ days and nights.

The Nuzzle Pillow is completely machine washable. It is machine washable. Nuzzle Pillow is constructed from the same fabric that NASA utilizes in their space suits. The Nuzzle Pillow doesn’t hold the heat, and immediately cools down thanks to its “Phase Change” fabric.

What can I do?

You can purchase one Nuzzle Pillow for $49.99 with $8.95 P&H. That’s a total of $58.94. There is the option of purchasing an additional Nuzzle Pillow at $39.99 and free shipping. It is available only on the official website Pillow is only available on, the official site.

Flattens Out Soon

When your head feels a bit heavy The Nuzzle Pillow will fall flat on some instances. It provides adequate support at first but then it becomes less supportive over time, according to reviews. “You find yourself feeling like there’s no support for your neck”. After the support has disappeared You keep moving the pillow until you discover the sweet spot, and you awake with a stiff neck.

Just Okay Pillow

The Nuzzle Pillow isn’t as substantial as the Tempurpedic Pillow, it’s ok and isn’t much different from the other pillows within the $40-$60 range. $60. The Nuzzle pillow is great as a bed pillow its foam pillow is merely basic foam, and not like the Tempurpedic it becomes flat quickly.

Chemical Odor

The Nuzzle Pillow is characterized by an odor of strong chemicals that can last for several days. You must allow the air to circulate to air in the beginning.

Not Great for Side Sleepers

The Nuzzle Pillow provides an area between the shoulder and head and side sleepers need to put an extra cushion between the shoulder and the head. If you are of a shorter height, then the Nuzzle may provide some support, however, for larger people this isn’t the right side sleeper pillow to pick.

Does the Pillow have a zero gravity effect of the pillow?

“Zero Gravity “Zero gravity” is simply an advertising ploy to market Nuzzle Pillow. Nuzzle Pillow. The fancy word “science” is used to promote”firmness “firmness” of the cushion. But the pillow can meet the promises made in the advertisement.

Firm Pillow

This Nuzzle Pillow is ideal for those who prefer comfortable pillows. The head doesn’t sink into the pillow. However, smaller people may consider the Nuzzle less firm than they would like. The Nuzzle isn’t the softest of pillows so you will not sink into it. If you’re prone to changing positions during sleep, this is the right pillow. It is a pillow that can be used in any position, and it’s difficult to find a pillow that can accommodate the three positions of sleep.

Our Verdict

While there are many similar pillows on We suggest the Nuzzle Pillow to those searching for a regular, comfortable pillow that provides great back and neck support. The only drawback for this Nuzzle Pillow is its price at $54 and this Nuzzle Pillow is quite expensive. Similar pillows that are available on cost between $30 and $40.

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