Famous Kirishima X Reader Cuddle References

Famous Kirishima X Reader Cuddle References. “y/n, what’s the matter?” he murmurs, his voice still hoarse from sleep. You woke up from a rough dream,.

Pin on my hero acadamia ships(totes gay)
Pin on my hero acadamia ships(totes gay) from www.pinterest.com

It had been a long week for you you had bad training days, you failed three test, you forgot to study for your english test and you hadn't been. Her eyes had dropped to her feet and her head was moving side to side to the rhythm of a song she couldn’t remember. Kirishima was your best boi your pride and joy, your floof a sweet boy.

You’re The New Girl, Meet Kirishima!

Ok its not madness but he's cute as heck and he knows it i swear. Sorry for the inactivity… tumblr keeps eating my works… The first few stories are kind of bad, but trust me they eventually get better.

Thank You For Your Request, Love You So Much.

Different [ayato kirishima x human!reader] ayato had never met a human like her. It definitely makes kirishima’s morning better. He was a good alpha but not the most affectionate;

Anime/Manga Fanfiction Humor Kirishima X Reader Bakugou X Reader Kirishima X Bakugou X Reader.

“if you promised to be with me, don’t make other plans.”. His voice was soothing you. To the point where you just want to lay down in bed and cuddle with your.

While Looking Through The Library In Our World, You Stumble Across A.

Tokoyami x reader, platonic kirishima x reader, kirishima x bakugo. “i’m.sorry” kirishima said sheepishly, “i’ll stop taking up your time now—”. Hey (y/n) you ready. kirishima says.

Cozy (Kirishima X Reader) You Get Home From Work, And It Felt Like The Day Was Going On Forever.

Bakugo yanking on his shoulder broke kiri out of his thoughts. Kirishima x bakugou x reader fluff cuddles. When he sees your face, he smiles, his eyes widening in surprise.


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