List Of Sukuna X Pregnant Reader Ideas

List Of Sukuna X Pregnant Reader Ideas. Thousand years of love and hate [ryomen sukuna x reader] ryomen sukuna, the terrible sadistic demon was betrayed by someone he loved. Og sukuna ryomen, (former)servant reader , master x (former)servant, protector/predator x reader kind of relationship, getting.

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His father tossed him and his. My curse | sukuna x reader by sahee. Was all it took, for my entire world to decay.

I Walk And Masky X Reader Lemon Rough Wattpad.

456k 17.2k 51 he was the day, she was the night. You're doing so much already, you tell him, attempting to hug him back a bit. His hatred lived through a.

Jjk, Sukuna X Male Reader/ Hymn Of God.

She sobbed, clinging onto his clothing. Ryomen sukuna was the toughest professor at jujutsu university, one of the top universities in the country. Ryomen sukuna, the terrible sadistic demon was betrayed by someone he loved.

His Father Tossed Him And His.

Whether it’s from the zenin office or from the staff working at the many resorts he takes you to, they all come to one conclusion. He was my greatest sin, the devil who tempted me. Ryomen sukuna ~ the king of curses.

He Specializes In Curses And Poisons With Years Of Expertise.

His hatred lived through a thousand years. Now that he was revived, he'll go through his plan and. But now the pregnancy itself!

X Pregnant Reader Stories March 6, 2016 Infinitywarishappening.

He whispered, placing a hand on the back of her head. There’s many more things people have told you about sukuna. In which sukuna takes a liking to y/n while she's trying to figure out why a curse, of all things, wants her.


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