+21 Bts X Reader Masterlist 2022

+21 Bts X Reader Masterlist 2022. I also tend to write about some. Don’t steal my graphics or my works, either.

BTS x Male Reader — Masterlist
BTS x Male Reader — Masterlist from btsxmale.tumblr.com

Y/n is a member of the seoul behavioral analysis unit. Bts, aslan and viper are 3 of the most prominent and ferocious mafia gangs in the country.viper has been. Feel free to ask me anything!

Bangtan Boys (Bts) Jimin When He Accidentally Hurts You (Fluff) Jimin When You Are Drunk.

Namjoon is keeping some kind of secret from you, and it has to. Usually, she's the cat in the. Bts masterlist—————— requests are closed!—————— red*=slight smut/lemon orange~=fluff purple^= not fluff or smut —————— oneshots/seriesrm (kim namjoon) x.

You Overworking And Something Bad Happens To You.

The full masterlist is the most updated one. My name is maddie, i'm 25 years old, and i'm from america. I am fairly positive that i have updated all my links but if i haven’t, please just notify me!

When Two People Are Destined To Be Together, They’re Always.

#bts masterlist #stray kids edit #bts reaction #bts scenarios #bts au #skz masterlist #stray kids #stray kids reactions #straykids. The stupid tree | plant god!namjoon | ☁. Bts, aslan and viper are 3 of the most prominent and ferocious mafia gangs in the country.viper has been.

Bts Masterlist — I Occasionally Write Nsfw With Lots Of Sexual Tension And Stuff So… Enjoy.

Jun 06, 2022 · you didn’t know why you were brought to the island in the first place. Yet, when you finally meet them, you are. Xbox controller 1708 vs 1914.

Jun 17, 2019 · ↳ Pairing:

Strong language, nudity, mentions of cheating, depression, suicidal thoughts and unstable. Theory bts mtl to be a virgin to most agressive to most loving in bed to have the dirtiest mouth my savior ~ jimin how bts hugs reactions trip to the beach the different types of. The beauty of simplicity → (high school!au, taehyung x chubby!reader) (s, f, a, c) (lengthy chapters) summary → y/n is a chubby girl who's in love with her best friend.


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