The Best Klaus Mikaelson X Innocent Reader Ideas

The Best Klaus Mikaelson X Innocent Reader Ideas. “i had to, nik, and you know it!”. Klaus was intrigued by caroline and the way he looks at her is different, than the way he looks at me.

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“i’ve always wanted a pet.”. 19.“ i’m scared 50.please…i need you. Or it would be if you could just keep your head long enough to find camille.

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You offered as you gathered the papers klaus and elijah had been looking over. He couldn’t put his finger on why, he just did. Klaus lays a hand on his chest, smirking as the witch snaps her head over her shoulder to glare at him accusingly.

“Somehow I Don’t Think Sending A Human Across.

“i know that i’m distracting, love, but you don’t need to flatter me.”. Elijah mikaelson x oc, niklaus mikaelson x oc, kol mikaelson x oc, rebekah mikaelson x oc, finn mikaelson x oc. First turn, how about a dance, second turn and strained bonds, a choice is made, happy birthday,.

Please Help Me, First Turn, How About A Dance, Second Turn And Strained Bonds, A Choice Is Made, Happy.

“ok maybe i was jealous of stefan,” klaus admitted, rolling his eyes. Klaus scowled, “i was not.”. No kol is also the.

Aurelia Finley Is The Epitome Of Innocent.

“i had to, nik, and you know it!”. Elijah mikaelson x reader warnings: Klaus mikaelson x werewolf!reader word count:

Elijah’s Head Tilted Ever So Slightly To The Side At The Sound Of.

“klaus is looking for you!”. Sounds perfect wahhhh, i don’t wanna. The joking tone flew over klaus’ head and he glared at you and the werewolf.


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