Applying AI to Sales Conversion Changes the Customer Journey
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Applying AI to Sales Conversion Changes the Customer Journey

Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated

The rapid growth of digital technologies over the last few years has created a different type of customer, one that spends more time online via mobile and social media. We recognize in our own lives that we are spending more and more time on the Internet, mobile devices and social media, and this is affecting how we interact as consumers.

In fact, according to Meeker Internet Trends, 48 percent of all media consumption is derived from Internet and mobile devices — a number that continues to rise — and almost 79 percent of customers demand real-time conversations and engagement with brands rather than interacting via email or phone. This new type of customer is “empowered,” says the Harvard Business Review in a 2015 article.

With so much information and connectivity at their disposal, empowered customers call the shots. And what do they want? Real-time, on-demand, omnichannel interactions for products and services that have value. This demand requires that companies meet the customers where they are, becoming proactive with digital engagement to streamline the consumer-decision journey and drive lifetime value.

When you think about the traditional decision journey most customers take, there is a prolonged period of consideration and evaluation. This sequence of interactions takes the customer from initial consideration of a product or service to the actual purchase. Exceptional customer experiences and digital interactions can shorten or altogether eliminate the need for consideration and evaluation. A shortened decision journey means that customers trust and can build a relationship with the brand, leading to more consumer engagement and improved lifetime value.

How do you create exceptional customer experiences in a digital world? One way is by augmenting the experience through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Simply ask yourself: What would my business look like today if every customer had interacted with my most-effective ambassador?

A good sales leader knows who the exceptional and mediocre sales agents are on their team. What we know about the exceptional sales agents is that they aren’t just consistent, they are formulaic — much the same way an algorithm can hone in on the most effective approach for a given situation, so do top performers. They have crafted specific strategies that drive to sales faster. Using AI, we can design machine-learning algorithms that use the best strategies of the top agents and deploy them through a co-bot tool to an entire omnichannel salesforce.

This allows all agents to access real-time responses derived from the best performers at the moment of truth. Not only will this produce a dramatic increase in sales, but customers will receive the personalized, high-quality and consistent experience they expect.

Exceptional service through exceptional sales makes the customer “irresistibly and permanently engaged.” Winning in a digital age is not just about superior products and value, it is also about the customer’s journey. Complementing a four-decade track record in customer care with XSELL’s laser focus on the science of sales and service, SYKES is positioned to improve the customer journey like never before.


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