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24 Hour Med Store

It is a risky practice to provide confidential information on an unsecure website. Meet 24 hour Med Store which has done little to secure your information or to provide a seamless shopping experience. It’s worse: the anticounterfeit website that they direct you towards is also their company. Why would you trust this supplier?

Obsolete Reviews

We could only find reviews online that were older than a decade ago for this site. A lot of customers seemed paranoid about placing orders for the second time. We would expect that a website that claims success will have all the latest reviews in an age where it is so easy to leave feedback. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Poor Website Maintenance

While Super Steroid is making great strides in improving the user experience, other sites such as 24HourMedStore are still behind. Hosting the website on an unsecure server will result in hackers gaining access to your credit card information and other sensitive details.

Shipping Delayed

The company claims that it can ship within 72 hours, but the average delivery time is around 14 days. This is the standard for past customers. Some customers had to wait up to three months for customs to release confiscated goods. 24HourMedStore will make your life miserable, especially if it’s a strict workout program.

No Legit Turinabol

24HourMedStore does not sell original Turinabol on their site. Many of the products they sell are illegal and no longer relevant today. We recommend that you visit and 2GetMass if you want to find the best online Tbol store.

Get Special Offers

You will find special offers on this website. Compare the prices and the promises they make with other competitors. If you discover anything unusual, please leave a review below.

There are many legitimate companies that sell turinabol onlinetoday. So there is no reason to buy anything from 24HourMedStore. Avoid this fake website.

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Neal April 8, 2018,

It took me 10 emails and three months to receive my order from this store. Although I received my gear in a week, they charged twice for shipping. I was eventually refunded, but it was still a hassle! To get my refund, I had to email them almost 50 times. It was a complete waste of time as the gear didn’t work.

Texas March 19, 2018

I placed an order for goods in September last year, but have yet to receive them. They have been lying to my face every time I asked. They tell me every time I ask that my package will be delivered tomorrow or next week. After nearly five months, I finally received my refund today.

Grundy MARCH 14, 2018


They are not trustworthy! Six months ago, I ordered 3 boxes of tureck. However, I received one within six weeks. I am still waiting for a reply to my yell regarding reimbursement

Franz FEBRUARY 6TH, 2018

My package, which I ordered three months back, has not arrived. I sent them many emails, but only received a handful of responses. I tried to save money !!!!! !

Blake January 15, 2018,

Before I placed my order, communication was excellent. But, three weeks later, after I paid, I still haven’t heard from them. I will not recommend them unless they are willing to take your money.

Terry JUNE 3rd, 2017

Fake Asian Dispensary

Items Ordered
Testo E 10ml, Tbol

Product Experience and Product Effectiveness
Thanks to the bogus products I was sent, I am now fighting man boobs. The scammed Asian dispensary. I did some research to find other people complaining of similar side effects to mine.

Communication and Ordering Process
Their support team was responsive to my initial communication. Since I reported my problem, however, this has drastically changed. In fact, I have yet to receive a reply.

Delivery and packaging
It’s great packaging, but I wish my customs officials had taken it away. It is utterly fatal and I don’t want anyone else experiencing the pain that I am currently feeling.

Sospeter 23 APRIL 2017

I haven’t received my goods yet

Three weeks ago, I placed my first Tbol order. Everything went smoothly during the ordering process. But, it’s been a while and I still haven’t received my package. The company has not even informed me about the situation. It was probably confiscated at the airport.
It’s frustrating, but I am optimistic it will happen sooner than expected. It’s a shame, however, that they have not communicated with us. This is unfair to me, and I doubt I will ever transact again with them.


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