There’s an organization that develops teenager spy spies. Since they can connect with those with high potential, these agents are referred to as Love Interests.

Caden is a Nice Caden is the boy next door, who has been perfected in his sculpting. Dylan is a bad guy Dark-souled, brooding man who is incredibly attractive. Every boy will chase the girl they’re competing to beat. Will she choose one of the Nice or Bad?

Caden and Dylan are just beginning to experience life outside of the world. Both are highly educated and excel in their particular areas. They have to be. If they don’t then the girl will be killed.

The boys aren’t ready for emotions that aren’t part of their education. Both of them could die from these emotions.

The book surpassed all my expectations. While I’ve read some raunchy reviews, with some glowing I didn’t expect the book to be this excellent as it was. While some of the scenes are humorous and some are satirical I wasn’t expecting the subtext of hopelessness that is the main theme of the novel. I was overwhelmed by the despair of the characters, yet there was still hope. It was heartbreaking.

“HTMODE0_ The Love Interest ” does an excellent job of illustrating the tropes and stereotypes in a manner that makes them appear real. They’re more than the labels they’ve been assigned.

Caden is an excellent character. He’s determined, hard-working and compassionate. It was a great combination and I was happy to realize that he wasn’t the main character. He’s not ‘the chosen one’, or the only hero in this world. There is a clear feeling of this.

Dylan (or Dylan (or”) always surprised me… for many good reasons. Dylan is my favourite character in the story. Since the story is told from the perspective We don’t get to know the motives behind his actions. This creates tension in the tale. Every character is playing the role of a fool to be hiding something, or violating the law. It was hard to pinpoint Dylan to a specific location, but Dylan felt most genuine.

Juliet the female love interest, and the victim of the boy spy boys, was a disappointment for me. Juliet is a talented writer, and shines in the second half, However, she was an instrument to convey Caden and Dyl’s story.

The only thing holding me back from rating it as perfect I think it’s the possibility that I would have liked to have had more depth in the female characters , and maybe a bit more drama between Dyl and Caden. It’s just me being selective. I loved’the Love Interest.

There were numerous plot twists and developments that I did not anticipate. I was literally wondering ” What?” and then rereading the passage. Cale Dietrich caused me alarm. It’s been a while since I’d last read it. Brilliant!

The irony subtext is what I believe is the main reason behind the negative reviews that are polarized. At first glance it’s a love-story, Dyl and Caden, who are gorgeous teens separated from their parents and are forced to be spies for a company. It’s extremely young adult. The plot is an egregious rejection of all the stereotypes. The story continues until the very close. It’s touching, funny and touching.

The style of writing of Dietrich is simple to read. I read the book in one sitting and was completely engaged all the way through. Though I do have a small dislike of the males talking to each other males in their dialogue frequently, such as when they refer to girls as baby or baby or baby, it’s something I find irritating. But, it was a personal problem and didn’t hinder my pleasure of’My Passionate Interest.

The plot is predictable. Deitrich creates angst using great ability, constantly teasing you and advancing the story with a rapid pace. The quantity of action and James Bond-inspired gadgets I was surprised by. Although it was easy to predict the ending but the road to reach it was full of tears, laughter and hot body parts.

Although it’s not groundbreaking the inclusion of a gay character was a great thing in this setting. The way it was handled was manner that was respectful, just like anyone who is trying to accept their sexuality. This was not an issue of discrimination or fear. I was all cozy and warm. I was very enthralled by the dynamic of the two boys.

I was not sure about the concept of world building and its significance for the organization. This is all way too excessive. It is also a satire at the tropes of YA. It is possible to take it literally or read the story as written.

I rate ‘HT0’ The Love Interest two thumbs up and I will recommend it to my family and acquaintances. It’s an incredible adventure, full of irony and love.

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