Review of Countdown to Lee Min Ho KDrama I Am Sam.

There’s only a week until the big day! For the four-hour Lee Min Ho Fan Meeting I will be heading to the Legendary Park Plaza Hotel on Sunday 10 March 2010.

Now let’s get to the exciting part. This is one of Lee Min Ho’s earlier work, and a lot of people may not have seen the film. Beware of fake versions of this drama on the internet. Drama Fever is a great source. I first saw Drama Fever on a channel which mixed segments and left out entire segments.

Synopsis/Storyline: My score is 7/10

In a high school that has poor standards, the stage is set. The majority of the school’s criminals are represented in the classroom of the homeroom as well as a few more intelligent, middle-of-the-road students. The pleasant and awkward homeroom teacher, Mr. Jang, seems to truly care about everyone. The daughter of a gangster is a quirky character who is not interested in homeschooling, and has no talent for it. He meets her , and she decides to attend the high school in town. The fun starts.

Acting/Script – My rating 6/10

Yang Dong Geun wasn’t as powerful as Teacher Jang Yi San (“Sam”) who was the leader. His slow, stumpy character was not attractive. His simple, positive character remains funny. Teacher Jang in a comment on another teacher who quit due to incoherent students, stated: “Yes, but they can make weapons, which indicates that they’re really smart.”

A lot of the characters were too played and over-acted. The show was not enjoyable or snarky. Teacher Shin (Son Tae Yeong) as the female character, was too thin, boring and uninteresting to be appealing. A lot of the characters are designed to be humorous and fun however they fail to deliver.

The cast of this drama consisted of outstanding actors and actresses. The few actors and actresses were the main characters of the show, making it worthwhile despite the flaws. Park Min Young, City Hunter’s Kim Nana, plays Yoo Eun Byul. It’s clear how she became a star. Her performance is funny, charming, and memorable. T.O.P was the first actor to make an appearance in the drama and his dark, character fit perfectly. Lee Min Ho was a support character, but he became the actor of the scene when he appeared in the role of Heo mo Se, the charming son of the principal. It’s one of those zany but enjoyable scenes.

Cinematography rating: 3/10

While this film was released in 2007, it is outdated and is a simple cinematographic style. Poor special effects set the tone for a low-quality drama. There are some truly bizarre scenes in Episode 1. While the gangster father appears tiny, he raises and throws an individual across the room. In another scene, he shoots an assault rifle and leaves an opening in his study door. It’s not unusual by however Yang Dong Geun’s reaction is like an uneasy relationship has been established between his head and the wall but the gun’s shot was remarkably silent. Hm. Hm. Then, there’s another quiet explosion. Park Min Young, strangely and in a way is flies through the air. The show isn’t known for its action or sound effects. It could have been more effective if they had been eliminated altogether.

Music: My score 5/10

While the music score was not a lot but it was quite adorable. The track that is the main one “Only Me” is a thumping track that recalls the 50s, and is perfect for students in high school who enjoy a good time.

Overall Charisma My rating is 6/10

While I only had the chance to catch the show once I’m happy that I was able to watch it. Actually, it’s twice as long since I was forced to watch the majority of it on Drama Fever in order to catch up on the episodes I didn’t see. It’s worthwhile to see some of the most prominent actors at the beginning of their careers. While the storyline was a little slow at times, it was enjoyable and I loved the characters.

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