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Reviwed by CatWriterLibrarian Reviewed in the United States on August 3 2018

As Chadwick starts his 6th year of school in Wayne Elementary, he has two primary concerns: avoiding his being a victim of his nemesis Terry as well as capturing the interest of Jana and is hoping to create an “power pair.” However, for Chadwick his plans will quickly end in failure. Terry is able to take the bullying to new heights, informing terrible stories about his character. Then, not only does Jana be aware of Chadwick for various reasons and our protagonist is also beginning to doubt his morality. When he is at the end of being in a bind, Chadwick is determined to make his stand. With his close friend Rory and his super-smart classmate Suvi He plans an epic revenge plan that will be able to end Terry’s bullying for the good!

The novel by Chadwick Epic Revenge is an entertaining read on a serious topic. Doan clearly shows the character’s struggle for power by using a jungle metaphor that readers of all ages can identify with. (Chadwick can be described as an flamingo that is constantly looking for Terry and the Nile Crocodile.) Although the “gaslighting” idea seems too complex for a 11-year-old, and it’s hard to imagine the library of an elementary school would contain a book on the subject–that’s where the criticism stops. Kudos on Doan for not swaying the reader. There’s a sense of realness that can be seen in this hilarious comedy. The protagonist is suffering from unfair punishment, and nobody apologizes. This is a story about taking responsibility for your actions in recognizing the difference between right and wrong, and recognizing that bad guys sometimes aren’t changing.

I was provided with a free edition of this publication in exchange for my honest assessment.

Read by Demonangelblackheart Aug 22 2021

The revenge was amazing! I enjoyed watching her manipulate every trick to her advantage. I read more than 168 chapters for that. However , the ML is an evil, disgusting thing. He doesn’t pay attention to the FL in any way. At first, that’s fine so she’s able to gradually force him to obey. However , he gradually became less appealing as time got worse. He actually stopped the pressure to make her sleep by making threats to those around him. The FL is in some ways a part of it since he’s comfortable in bed, guess. He’s able to save her once or twice but the majority of the time she’s being forced to kiss him, and even more. He’s a hurdle she must overcome to not to be the joy. This is how he’s portrayed however she doesn’t act the way she does.

Reviewed by d3dkittyNov 5,2020

The plot is good. I love the FL due to her attitude and her tactics. ML is a turn off for me He’s toxic, but not in a negative way (ik the majority of MLs are toxic, but in a positive way). The translation in English is straight-up bad. This is a major aspect of why I decided to leave this out, even although it had a lot of potential. I don’t want to be wasting my time with something that’s making my head hurt from just reading it. If you’ve read it elsewhere with a better translation Please make sure you comment on it.

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